#MeraJismMeriMarzi Trends On Twitter, After Khalilur Rehman’s Abusive Remarks Against Marvi Sirmed

#MeraJismMeriMarzi Trends On Twitter, After Khalilur Rehman’s Abusive Remarks Against Marvi Sirmed
#MeraJismMeriMarzi has been trending on Twitter, following the incident of director Khalil-ur-Rehman abusing activist and journalist Marvi Sirmed on Neo News’ live program on Tuesday night.

People are criticising the infamous director for behaving rudely and severely abusing the activist on national TV. Just after the incident, Marvi Sirmed took to Twitter and said that the director was irked by the slogan ‘mera jism meri marzi’.  She further urged the people to say ‘mera jism meri marzi again and again’.


Various prominent figures have raised their voice in support of Marvi Sirmed, while using the hashtag #MeraJismMeriMarzi.

Singer cum activist Shehzad Roy said that he did not understand why so many people had problems with the slogan ‘mera jism meri marzi’ as its women’s fundamental right to have authority on their bodies.





Academic Nida Kirmani posted on Twitter, saying ‘mera jism meri marzi’ means opposing domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, and child marriage.




Activist Gulalai Ismail took to Twitter to criticise Khalil’s abusive remarks against Marvi. “These trash men have fragile egos which are hurt by women claiming their own bodies, their voices and public spaces,” she added.




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