CJ Gulzar Says PTI Govt Is Incapable Of Running Country

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed lashed out at the officials of the power division and K-Electric over prolonged power outages in Karachi, saying the federal was 'neither competent nor capable of running the country'.

In a report published in Express Tribune, the top court remarked that the power division’s report pertaining to unannounced power cuts in the port city was made after 'taking money from KE'.

“The power division's officer who submitted the report should be hanged,” the CJP was quoted as saying. Further commenting on the report, the chief justice said that the court had asked for a report on the prevalent situation, but the joint secretary wrote about the future.

"They should inform us about what they are currently doing,” the newspaper reported the chief justice as saying.

The top court also grilled K-E for its failure to provide a steady flow of electricity to Karachi. CJP Gulzar said that K-E neither provides electricity to the public nor pays its dues to the federal government.

“K-E has not paid even a single penny to the government since 2015,” he said, adding that the government was acting as a clerk or an accountant of the K-E.

He said if the government is unable to keep K-Electric in check, then how can we expect it to bring the entire country under its writ "The federal government is powerless! What is it doing? Where is its writ? Will it run the country in such a manner?” the CJP further observed.


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