Fruita Vitals - Contaminated Items Found In Nestlé’s Reputed Brand

Fruita Vitals - Contaminated Items Found In Nestlé’s Reputed Brand
ISLAMABAD: The reputed Nestlé Fruita Vital juices are found to be adulterated after a video of shopkeeper went viral on social media last week who accused the company of supplying unfit items.

The Nestle, enjoying good status in the market, supplies more than 50 per cent bottled water and different juices to across Pakistan, but questions have been raised on the quality of different items in last month. In a fresh move, some of the shopkeepers and customers expressed reservations over Fruita Vital (Mango) in Islamabad.

The same black items [mould], having unpleasant smell, were found from the two packets of the juice purchased by NayaDaur Media to investigate the matter.

The owner of a general store, Ahmad Abbasi, in Sector G-10 was interviewed on the spot. He said unfortunately, the Nestlé’s standard – in the cases of both bottled water and juices – was getting poorer and the people had started preferring other brands.

“We had received similar complaints from customers seven months ago. Later, we checked the Fruita Vital juice which contained the same stuff which was found in the video circulated on social media,” he said.

According to Abbasi, they have stopped buying the Nestlé juices from the supplier, as they would have to face the consequences if something happens to anyone.

When contacted, Deputy Director Iqbal Yousaf said they had started a crackdown on the substandard items and sealed a couple of premises for violating the food laws.

He added that they were receiving complaints from people about Nestlé and had obtained different samples, which were sent for medical assessment. Action would be taken after the results from the lab, Abbasi said.

On the other hand, Atika Mir, Nestlé spokesperson, in her reply said that her company never compromised quality and “our products contains best ingredients that are absolutely safe for customers”.

According to Atika, the issue of the said juices is due to the mould-growth – an issue that’s only possible if the product isn’t handled properly in the value chain process or the packaging gets damaged.

She added, “We have received same complaints which are being investigated and various preventive measures have been adopted on our end.”

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The author is a reporter based in Islamabad.