Polish Catholic Priests Burn 'Blasphemous' Harry Potter Books

Polish Catholic Priests Burn 'Blasphemous' Harry Potter Books
The Harry Potter book and film series has a huge fanbase all around the world, except for a few Polish priests, who set ablaze J.K. Rowling's masterpiece because they thought it was 'blasphemous'.

An evangelical group called SMS from Heaven Foundation posted a picture on their Facebook page in which a priest can be seen standing next to a fire pit with several books and toys thrown in it. Among those books were the Harry Potter ones sitting on top of the pile.

They also show an elephant figurine and a tribal mask burning on the book pile.

Photo: SMS from Heaven Foundation

The group condemns the books, including the Harry Potter ones, for promoting magic which is contrary to the teachings of Christianity.

SMS from heaven also quoted a passage from Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the Christian Old Testament, which said: "Burn the images of their gods. Don't desire the silver or the gold that is on them and take it for yourself, or you will be trapped by it. That is detestable to the Lord your God." 

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books are considered the most popular fiction work in history. The books have sold a total number of 500 million copies worldwide.

But some Christians object central theme of the books e.g. Harry Potter battles against evil, embodied in the dark wizard Lord Voldemort and considers it blasphemous.

But people have been critical of the group for burning books.

One critic says: "I have not met anyone yet who would rape, murder and steal in the name of Harry Potter. In the name of the Bible, yes. Bad news, gentlemen!"

Earlier this year, the Roman Catholic Church released statistics on sexual abuse. According to the report, over 600 people, 15 or under, were sexually abused by priests.

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