PPP Asks ISI Chief To Deport US Blogger Over Defamatory Tweets Against BB

PPP Asks ISI Chief To Deport US Blogger Over Defamatory Tweets Against BB
Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has approached Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)’s chief Lt. General Faiz Hameed to deport US blogger Cynthia Ritchie for giving defamatory remarks against the late former prime minister Benazir Bhutto on Twitter.

English daily The Nation reported that PPP leader Sehar Kamran urged the intelligence agency to take immediate notice of the activities of Cynthia D Ritchie, and initiation of a process for her immediate deportation from Pakistan, as well as declaring her a persona non grata.

In her letter to ISI chief, Sehar Kamran said: “Ms. Ritchie has been playing an incendiary role, with what appears to be the aim of inflaming public sentiment, provoking widespread anger and offense among a significant portion of the population, as well as the millions of Pakistanis both at home and abroad who follow, love and respect Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.”

She said that the blogger’s derogatory and libelous comments are becoming increasingly offensive and dangerous, ranging from her outrageously false allegations against a “globally respected, twice elected democratic leader - and the first female Prime Minister within the Muslim world - to maligning one of the largest political parties in the country by insinuating its connections with anti-state entitle.”

She noted that the imagery presented by her pictures with military leadership and senior bureaucracy, and access as a foreign tourist to generally sensitive locations (FATA and Kashmir) is ‘deepening the civil-military divide’ by unnecessarily implicating national institutions as her ‘support base’.

On Thursday, PPP had approached Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s Cyber Wing against Cynthia Ritchie for posting ‘derogatory and slanderous remarks’ about the former premier on Twitter.

While replying to a tweet regarding Malik Riaz’s daughters forcibly barging into actor Uzma Khan’s house, Cynthia D Ritchie had tweeted: “This echos stories of what BB used to do when her husband cheated. She’d have the guards rape the women. Why do women condone this rape culture? Why aren't the men ever held accountable? Where is the justice system? To Pakistan's youth: please reject this backward thinking!”


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