‘Justice System Has Collapsed’: Daily Jang Reporter Abducted By Unidentified Men In Karachi

‘Justice System Has Collapsed’: Daily Jang Reporter Abducted By Unidentified Men In Karachi
(Web Desk) - A reporter from Karachi associated with Jang group has been abducted by unidentified men. Reporter Matloob Hussain Moosavi’s brother Minhaj Moosavi told media that around 25 men broke into their house at 4 on Saturday morning and took his brother away. He told that the unidentified men were wearing masks.

Minhaj told that his brother's abductors came with one Toyota Vigo, one Toyota Prado and three police cars. “Matloob did not belong to any political organisation but was a progressive, liberal minded reporter”, he said.

An FIR has been filed at Al-Falah police station and talking to Dawn News, DIG East Aamir Farooqui said that the police was trying to verify the claims made in the FIR.

This is not the first time that a reporter or activist has been abducted from their home. Last month, activist Ammar Ali Jan was arrested in a similar fashion as police broke into the house at 4am, though he was produced before the court later in the day and granted bail.

Talking to Naya Daur about Matloob’s alleged abduction, Ammar Ali Jan said that the major similarities between his arrest and the abduction of the Daily Jang reporter was that the law had been violated with complete impunity.

“This is in complete violation of the law. The police and the security agencies are working in a whimsical manner since the justice system in the country has totally collapsed. It’s like the old days that our lives depend on the mood of the king. Some people get arrested, some abducted, others killed. This only depends on the level of hatred that they have for you. Law plays no role”, Ammar said.

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When asked what the security forces wanted to achieve with these abductions, Ammar said that the only goal was to keep the dissent under check till the time security and economic situation improved.

“They’ve managed to silence the mainstream political parties. They’ve managed to silence the mullahs. All the prominent media anchors have been managed. The only resistance coming right now is from young media professionals, social media activists and the smaller groups that under normal circumstances wouldn’t be considered more than an insignificant nuisance”, Ammar said. “Since we’re the only ones doing it, they’re abducting us”.

Last year in November, a senior journalist Nasrullah Khan from the Urdu newspaper ‘Nai Baat’ had also been arrested. Three days later Counter-Terrorism Department had produced him before the court and accused Nasrullah of keeping banned literature with him.

According to a report by Amnesty International, the commission formed by Pakistan government in 2011 for inquiring into the enforced disappearances had received over 3000 reports of disappearances by August 2016.

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