Pyrrhic Victory

Pyrrhic Victory
Epirus is a geographical region situated between modern day Greece and Albania. Its king Pyrrhus fought a series of bloody battles with mighty Romans in 279 BC. In one such battle, called Battle of Asculum, he defeated Romans, but he himself had to suffer heavy loss of men. Roman Historian Plutarch reports that when King Pyrrhus was congratulated on the victory, he smiled bitterly and said, ‘one other such victory would utterly undo me’. This statement concocted the phrase, Pyrrhic victory. It is used when you achieve something at a great cost. Elections 2018 seem to be a Pyrrhic victory for PTI.

Cost of lunch

While it is true that there is no free lunch in politics, some lunches cost dearer than they savor. Pakistani politics is a royal feast, but it counts on royalty. You need to deposit gold for a piece of old rope, and sometime this rope is long enough to hang yourself. It is true, as many of us think, you can feather your nest but you will have to slaughter your turkey first. These days turkey is being slaughtered. It will be dressed and cooked. Who will eat it? Let’s see.

Alignment of stars

Thirty months from now, Imran Khan will be thinking about very happy days. A container set in the heart of the capital, charged crowd, music and speeches, challenges and threats, palms and fingers, focus of dozens of cameras and a torrent of simmering anagrams. What were the days… and nights too! He touched wood, and many things besides, to charm his stars.

That was when PTI chairman lost 2013 elections. But it was then. Now Lady Luck is smiling at him. All political grey is gold. Is it? Is he really cherishing the moment? He must be feeling the pressure of his tall claims or mounting responsibilities. Many sleepless nights. Why this bed is so thorny? Am I Henry IV? “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

Disillusionment: Don’t prick the bubble

Sweet slogans sounding in PTI jalsas developed and augmented political insight of a generation who rode the high horse of inordinate expectations. Let Kaptan come, all problems will be solved. After all, he won the world cup and built hospital.

I will not go to IMF like these stupid ones. From where will you manage the finance? He was asked. No problem, was a confident reply, overseas Pakistanis are our main assets. If they believe that Pakistan has honest and righteous government, they will send huge forex.

And people believed in confidently spoken words. Imagination can replace reality with eerie ease.  Overseas Pakistanis with huge bags of dollars, pounds, Euros, Rials etc, were standing before the banks in diverse countries, looking at their watches with beating hearts. Time was ticking away. Lo and behold! 25th July dawned, followed by 26. Corruption was eliminated from the country. Trust in honesty worked wonder. Banking system was almost choked (like RTS) due to inflow of dollars in the country. One acclaimed source sent 200 billion dollars after a light breakfast: 100 to pay off the foreign debt, 100 to alleviate poverty. It was as simple as rolling off a log, or a nun’s prayer.  Massive investment, flowing prosperity, clean drinking water for a city of 25 millions… a city whose sub-soil water is now discovered in Neptune! Miracles have been my aide-de-camp.

Where is Asad Umer? Is he busy in creating 10 million jobs or building 5 million houses? No, he is going to IMF. O yes, he must be going there to pay off the debt. No, he is asking for some cash.

Joke? I don’t like it.

Please sir, eyes are cast down, and we will certainly take action against them, and yes, we like to live with peace with our neighbor. No, we have nothing to do with radicalism. Nor do we strike distinction between good Taliban and bad Taliban.

Rule of law is uncompromising


Yes, but sir these friends whose help was sought to stretch the number, want to break some eggs to make omelet.

Let them do that because we need political stability at this stage. We can’t annoy them. Later we will change the menu.

Sir, they love to eat omelet daily, or they will prove bad eggs.

Oh, hell with them. Bring my breakfast, and black coffee too.

Are we going towards the container?

No, it is PM Office.