The Islamic Label Is Misleading, Call Out Nations For Terrorism

The Islamic Label Is Misleading, Call Out Nations For Terrorism
'The writer argues for pointing out country of origin of terrorists and causes and varying motives, from religion to mental health, to better guage the issue. It will help separate Islam from terrorism and understand heterogeneity and diversity of  1.5 billion Muslims.

'Yet another terror attack; Muslim terrorist…', such headlines would flash without giving due notice to innumerable types of Muslims, spread all over the world and just as diverse as followers of any other faith. Across Continents, islands and any place where humans live, Muslims are there.

If caused by a Muslim, the violent incident is termed act of terrorism. Islam and terrorism is a priori connection and News as products are laden with similar labels. Not to ignore, following caricature incident, both the Islamophobic, anti Muslim sentiments, and terror incidents have been spiking

We have seen over the last 20 years, somehow Muslims getting herded as one type of sheep that all look like a crazy mullah snapped by a western journalist screaming on the streets of Lahore and speaking Arabic and eating Hummus for lunch and dinner.

The Muslims' diversity has many layers of cultural, social and linguistic influences. However, this diversity is also responsible for getting all Muslims painted into the corner of the world classroom holding its ear as punishment for actions of few. Thus now is the time to identify the persons who are responsible for holding me and many like myself hostage to the global condemnation.

Ironically, Afghan tribal people, gathered under the steam of jihad against Russia as Taliban and other power seeking right wing groups, have killed most people of their own faith and land in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Then come the bright eyed and bushy tailed recruits of ISIS from Iraq, Syria and central Asian republics. They expanded their tentacles via technology and contemporary skills. Their objective is to flush Muslims out of the non Muslims and Western nations to claim Caliphate, one rule for all Muslims of the world. ISIS is apparently dead to the reality of diversity, imposing specific faith practice, but charming nevertheless to young Muslim loosers from western world to make them join in droves. Men and women, thinking it was Spanish Civil war, all thainx to misplaced romance.

Then we have the fame hunters who cant wait to get their picture on TV. They include mostly deranged with mental health issues, stuffed with conspiracy theories and unfortunately lone wolfs that spend too much time in their computer den and not enough outside to see the real world.

Another group of recruits is this incredible species of Muslims, young idealistic, completely smitten with martial stories and TV dramas about the glorious past who crave for reclaiming scrapped identity for a united Islamic face. They are internet savvy but do not have any reading or mind opening experiences. They are our twitter jihadis…same as twitter bhagats and twitternazis. Their job is to spread hate and taunts and keep the heat up by fake slogans and stories. For them it does not matter if the story is a lie, if it discredits the enemy, or enhances the face of their religious affliction. It is ok to lie, steal or cheat!

There are other kinds too but they are mostly married and have families to look after, so they are passive players. You will see them holding verbal forts and most of them are either child molesters or wife beaters. Good..that takes care of half the Muslim clergy around the world!

So getting back to why we need to know the nationality of the terrorists. We know for a fact that Europe has a much bigger problem with terrorism because of Islamophobia, quite justified under the present circumstances! We have a Chechen terrorist in Paris, a Tunisian terrorist in Nice while we await the origins of the latest 20-year-old terrorist in Vienna. You see a pattern emerging. This is also helpful to identify the problem spots in these respective countries, where the terrorist belonged from and where did he carry out the act.

Identifying the nations will also help with Hindutva brigade and its immediate sympathy with the nations on the premise of the “ Muslims Terrorism”. Despite the fact that India has very healthy relationship with Arab nations and has second largest Muslim population in the world, their target is always their own Muslim population or Pakistan. This political targeting helps India in keeping Pakistan in the grey zone. And Pakistanis like an idiot, rise to their provocation by taking on stupid boastful meaningless dialogue on social media. The regional identification will also help reduce this pressure since Afghans are such great friends of India.

We need to look at the terrorism espoused by the various theories: religious (supremacy of Islam), political (western attacks or support for attacks), social (cartoons in Charlie Hebdo, ban on hijab), mental illness (US military Doctor attack), not to justify the attacks, but to develop a sound immigration policy. A policy that could help address the religious and clerical attitudes towards hot issues and engage communities in curbing the ghettoized defense of terrorists.

Use of national identities of the terrorists will allow for a healthier defense and take the label of Islam off the terrorists. It will discourage the states supporting terror and give the people a clear idea of problematic communities within their midst.

I do realize that just an opinion is not the best place to push for ideas to change the perceptions, but maybe it is a start to help not paint all Muslims with the same brush.