‘I Am Ashamed Of Being A Sindhi, A Pakistani’: Social Activist On Treatment Of Minorities

‘I Am Ashamed Of Being A Sindhi, A Pakistani’: Social Activist On Treatment Of Minorities
The month of Ramazan is one of blessings and goodness, but in Pakistan, it seems like it’s just another month. In this month, people around the world feed the poor and provide shelter to those in need.

In Pakistan, particularly Sindh, we make the lives of others miserable. Recently, a doctor in Sindh Ramesh Kumar was accused of blasphemy and now everyone’s after him.

This is not a rare case, however. There have been increasing reports of forced conversions of people from the minorities, kidnappings and false blasphemy allegations in Sindh.

Most of the individuals committing such acts are Muslims. Dare I ask, what teachings of Islam exactly are we following or preaching when we do everything contrary to the teachings of Allah and His Messenger.

With such happening so frequently every now and then, I must say I am extremely ashamed of being a Sindh and a Pakistani.

The people in my beloved homeland are too busy suppressing voices and violating the rights of others that they don’t realize Sindh’s history. This is a land built by the Sufis with love, peace, and brotherhood, but hijacked by those pretending to be the descendants.

Minorities in the province live in constant fear, and we hunt on them.

As a Sindhi, and as an admirer of my beloved homeland, I would urge the law enforcement agencies, local representatives, notables, peaceful citizens, social and civil society activists to come forward and help Dr. Ramesh Kumar and others like him.
We should all come forward and join hands to help the innocent girls and boys being kidnapped and forcefully converted. We must help the oppressed raise their voice against the oppressors. We must raise our raise for them because they are yours and mine. They are our people, and to protect them is our responsibility.

I know we all have a big heart. One that wouldn’t think twice before helping someone in need. Let’s return to the ideology of Pakistan, and give space and freedom to the people of the country and unite under our flag. Let’s also remember our cultural values, which date back to the Aryan age. Let’s not hurt each other anymore.

Chandra Oad is a social activist, originally from Sindh, Pakistan but currently lives in Atlanta, US.