Religious Scholar, Two Others Arrested For Raping Their Sister

Religious Scholar, Two Others Arrested For Raping Their Sister
Three men were arrested and sent to jail on judicial remand for allegedly raping their sister in Golra Sharif on Thursday.

A senior police official told Dawn that three men were allegedly involved in sexual assault of their own sister. One of the suspects was a religious scholar who delivered religious sermons on social media. The other two were labourers.

Police said that the family consists of 5 brothers and 4 sisters and belongs to Bannu, but have been living in Golra Sharif for two years. The victim had been living with her brothers after the death of their parents.

The security officials also said that doctors and local elders had confirmed that the three had confessed to their crime. The three were produced in court on Thursday and were handed over to the police on judicial remand.

The victim has been shifted to a protection centre.

“SHAMEFUL, Someone needs to get this girl justice and help, quickly too! Such bas**** exist in our society.”

“Gang incest. Three brothers gang raped real sister in Golra - Islamabad. Amendment required in anti-rape law. Section on incest should be added.”

The victim was sexually assaulted for the first time 2 years ago by one of her brothers. Few weeks later, she was raped by another brother, and then by the third in a religious seminary.

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