Did Not Quarantine Myself After Getting Coronavirus, Says Shahid Afridi

Cricketing heartthrob Shahid Khan Afridi on Monday took 'some ministers' to task over their lack of action to reach out to those in need of ration and other amenities in times of the coronavirus, saying those neglecting the remote areas will be held accountable in this world and the hereafter.

"[During my visit] I saw a group of ministers who had gathered at a spot to party and spend their vacations," the ex skipper said during his interview with Geo Super.

"I wonder how they couldn't see the slums on their way from Quetta to Ziarat or to Pishin," he lamented and went on to add, "You don't need to be in power to serve people; where are those who have been voted to power?" He added that he didn't need to be in power to travel from Karachi to serve the people who live in the far-flung areas.

When asked about how he dealt with his condition following infection from coronavirus, the cricketer said, "I did not quarantine myself as such, except for two to three days. Then, I came out of the room. I knew if I had continued to rest, it would've been difficult for me," he said and added, "then I resumed my training."

During the first two days, I could feel a decreased appetite for food, Afridi said and added laughingly, "I became my own doctor." On June 13, the cricketer had taken to Twitter to declare that he had been infected with the virus.

"As far as the symptoms are concerned, I did not have any [symptoms] as such." He added, "the first few days were tough, but then I started to notice some improvement."

However, he maintained, I followed the rules of social distancing and cleanliness. "It is important to observe these precautions and keep others safe too."

To a question about the lock-down, Afridi said, "I don't understand [the government's] smart lock-down," and added that people converge at several spots after the lock-down hours, which could make the infections severe.

Regarding whether he is planning to enter politics, the former skipper categorically denied the same. He however said, "You never know what happens today; I live for only today and I plan my life accordingly; I'm not planning to make any such move at the moment."

He further said, "I only believe in the politics of serving the people and reaching out to the needy; I don't need to be in power to do that."

Afridi, however, advised Prime minister Imran Khan to resolve the infighting within the ruling party, saying he's been given a chance to serve the masses and he should avail it. "He must make tough decisions to bring things in line."