Let’s Talk About Depression Now!

Let’s Talk About Depression Now!
The words darkness, sadness and misery define the most cancerous disease of the mind that we have come to know as depression. Human emotions have evolved a great deal since the beginning of humankind and so has depression. Unlike the past, this issue is now being discussed openly in order to develop a better understanding of this previously ignored problem.

At first, people failed to fully grasp the complexities associated with depression. Only when it became a common and thriving social issue, we sought to dig deeper into the intricate webs of our minds to look for a solution.

That is when men like Sigmund Freud, Viktor Frankl and B.F. Skinner launched a struggle to unravel the mysteries of the mind and answered some fundamental psychological questions in the process.

In a world that has been witnessing astonishing scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements in recent times, the word ‘depression’ is being thrown around quite a lot. This may be so because the requirement of fast-paced living and ever increasing pressures of daily life have been making people sick. It seems like people of all ages tend to fall prey to this disease as it does not discriminate among its victims.

While depression may seem ordinary to many people, the negative effects it has on the well-being of a person are astronomical to say the least. Although the intensity of the disease may vary from person to person, it brings with it a darkness so deep that if left untreated, it can prove to be devastating.

Feelings of worthlessness, despair, anxiety and hopelessness are some of the psychological symptoms of depression while the more physical ones include lethargy, nausea, weight changes and unexplained pain in different parts of the body. All of these combined can lead to such an extreme physical and emotional downward spiral for a depressed person that seeking medical help becomes imperative.

We live in a society that is still largely intolerable towards psychological issues and they remain a taboo here. But this is one of those issues which need immediate attention. Awareness is the key to counter this looming threat.

In many extreme cases, acute depression can lead a person to commit suicide, which is the last resort of sorts for those suffering from this disease. It is a public health issue of great importance and one that is still overlooked in Pakistan.

Instead of jumping to conclusions when talking about depression, we need to generate awareness among the public in this regard while also taking preventive and rehabilitative steps by creating a more positive and empathetic environment for people suffering from acute depression.

Moreover, we need to understand the fact that depression is not a direct response to a bad situation and it is not a fleeting moment of sadness or a passing wave of melancholy. Depression is a disease and it is very much real. It is slowly eating away at our social fabric as we stand idly by.

It is our duty to keep an eye out for our loved ones and listen to those who struggle to put their emotions into words. Lend an ear to those who seem to have lost their sense of self-worth and confidence. To put it more simply, one should be aware, responsive and kind when dealing with depressed souls.

The author is a Pilot turned housewife. Obsessed with coffee and fuzzy socks. She can be reached @SassiLannister