My First Visit To The City Of Gardens

My First Visit To The City Of Gardens
My first visit to Lahore, the city of lights, was a year ago. It felt as though entering Lahore had brought to surface all my feelings related to the partition. I kept thinking about August 14, 1947, when Pakistan and India were separated.

The first tourist point where I reached after I arrived was Minar-e-Pakistan, the spot where Quaid-e-Azam gave his first speech after the partition, opposite Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Masjid stars, offering us shelter for performing prayers. Later, I ventured to every part of old Lahore, visiting the streets one after the other.

A city that houses colourful kites, working craftsmen and shopkeepers with all sorts of traditional jewelry, makes the streets gleam with life. Strolling down the road, I ventured into the food market, where culinary experts were occupied with flavouring their qeema, pualo, biryani, fish, BBQ, with just the right amount of spice. The aroma of all this desi cuisine combined, couldn't help me stay away and so I gave in. After gaining some sustenance, I was presented with Kashmiri chai, the most prominent beverage of Lahoris.

The Food Streets Of Lahore

Talking about the beautiful city of Lahore, one cannot miss on Gawalmandi food street which is located between Bansaan wala bazaar, Mayo Hospital and Landa bazaar. The ideal location of the food street, near Badhshai mosque, Roshni gate, Anarkali, and many other historic bazaars.

The crowded food street is busy from dawn to dusk and especially in Ramadan the street is enlightened with colorful lights and beautiful decorations. Once one is near the Gawalmandi, the delicious aroma of Lahori desi food can be sensed from miles away. The traditionally moisy tak-a-tak makes you feel at home, no matter what time one visits, it's alive and soaring. All the traditional Indian and Pakistani desi dishes ranging from fish, malai boti, barbeque, to gola ganda, rasmalai and falooda are readily available here at very cheap prices.

The colorful buildings decorated with beautiful ornaments are the heart of this city. Not just Pakistani but tourists visit from faraway countries too. This place has a whole different level of cheer and laughter during Ramzan. The true colors and culture of Lahore are depicted here. The culture includes hospitality and friendliness of the people, the Kashmiri Persian architecture, the buildings beautifully painted with Mughal art and in an era where we still live in the nostalgia of.

The entry of vehicles is restricted in this food street, to make it pedestrian friendly. Some of the many dishes that are hareesa, paye, nihari, haleem, daal chawal, fish tikka, biryani and more. Once one is done with the main course, multiple optiona for dessert are available too- like the infamous falooda made up of crushed ice, fruity syrups and khoya. Also, malai lassi, Indian pan, kulfi , gulab jaman, jalebi, etc.

Therefore, whoever visits Lahore should not forget to visit the heart of Lahore city, the Galwalmandi food street, which is normally known as mini New York, the city of lights.