Ranjit Singh’s Statue Sparks Debate On Twitter About His Controversial Rule

Ranjit Singh’s Statue Sparks Debate On Twitter About His Controversial Rule
To commemorate Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s 180th birthday, a lifestyle statue of the ruler riding his favorite Arabic horse, Kahar Bahar was unveiled at Lahore Fort on July 27 (yesterday).  The statue made up of bronze, tin and lead weighs over 300 kg has been installed outside the Sikh Gallery of the Lahore Fort.

While there is no doubt that Ranjit Singh is a prominent historical figure of Punjab, the ruler was also notorious for his tyranny and cruelty and glorifying him naturally didn’t sit well with some who took to twitter to express their outrage. Others were quick to direct their ire at Fawad Chaudry for opening up a can of worms by announcing the unveiling of the statue and lauding a controversial historical figure.


One of the critics, was a PTI MPA. Dewan Sachal, a member of the Hindu community tweeted directly at the minister stating that the ruler was cruel to non-Sikhs, especially Muslims.


https://twitter.com/DrOsamaSiddique/status/1144159099040489473 https://twitter.com/_Faysal/status/1144245780494135299



Renowned journalist Rauf Klasra tweeted pointing out the atrocities Ranjit Singh commited during the fall of Multan.


However, there were also supporters of the decision to honour Ranjit Singh, terming it secular and as honouring the country’s rich history and culture.







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