Twitter Reacts To PM Khan's 'Balanced' UNGA Speech

Twitter Reacts To PM Khan's 'Balanced' UNGA Speech
NEW YORK: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Friday addressed the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in which he criticised India for revoking Jammu and Kashmir’s (J&K) special constitutional status and for its continued oppression in the region.

On the occasion, the PM said that he decided to come to the UN to address some “urgent issues”.


In his 45-minute long speech, PM Imran mostly highlighted Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. “When we came to power, we swore that we would try to bring peace,” he said.

He also said that India was refusing to sit down for discussions with Pakistan to solve the Kashmir issue and ensure long-lasting peace in the region.

“I have friends in India and i love going to India. So when my party came to power, we reached out to India and (said) let's resolve differences through trade,” he said.

The PM also said that Pakistan had made great efforts to dismantle what was left of the jihadi elements, adding that India still keeps on alleging that these groups are there.

Climate Change

PM Khan also touched upon the issue of climate change saying that there was lack of seriousness about it on the international level. He called upon world leaders to join forces in order to defeat the threat of climate change.

He said that the countries contributing the most to greenhouse gas emmissions must be pushed towards reforms  and the UN must take initiative in this respect.

Money Laundering

Talking about money laundering, the prime minister said that this practice was “devastating the developing world”.

"Every year billions of dollars leave the poorer countries and go towards rich countries, siphoned off by the ruling elites of the western world,” he said.

"This is devastating the developing world. It is impoverishing them. The rich-poor gap is growing because of them," he added.

He also said that corrupt elites must not be allowed to park their money abroad. “Why do we have these tax havens?” he questioned.


Addressing the issue of Islamophobia, Imran Khan said it has grown at an alarming pace. "Islamophobia is creating divisions, hijab is becoming a weapon; a woman can take off clothes but she can't put on more clothes,” he said.

He also questioned the use of the term 'radical Islamic terrorism' and said, "There is only one Islam.” He said that radical Islamic terrorism was being used by leaders to create Islamophobia.

Twitter Reaction To PM’s Speech

Social media users reacted to PM Khan’s speech on Twitter and other digital forums.

Social activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir said that the PM’s speech was “relatable, frank & convincing”.

Senior journalist Hamid Mir summed up Imran Khan's speech in the following tweet:

Another social media user was all praise for the PM's speech by terming it "an excellent & historic speech".

Michael Kugelman from The Wilson Center said that Khan's speech "struck the right notes" but could not help but take a jibe at the PM.

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