Islamophobia, A Virus That Needs To Be Vaccinated Promptly

Islamophobia, A Virus That Needs To Be Vaccinated Promptly
European leaders are facing an acute  by 30% of the world population. Condemnation resolutions are passed in many legislative assemblies around the world. 1.9 billion people are distressed and in vexation. Why? The reason is none other than Islamophobia, which is spreading like a virus in European countries and Non-Muslim societies.

Samuel Patty, a history teacher in French school, was beheaded by an 18 year old Muslim refugee and the reason behind this is the depiction of condemnable cartoons of Prophet Mohammad SAW by him to his students in the name of so called freedom of expression. The police shot dead the Moscow-born refugee on the spot after he killed the history teacher. The murder shocked the country and thousands have protested in the streets of France in favour of secularism neglecting the fact that this incident has hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims around the globe.

According to the reports, the percentage of Islamophobic incidents in Europe has seen a dramatic rise in recent years, which is appalling for the Muslim community.
Ban on headscarves, support for the blasphemous content, associating terrorism and extremism with Islam, scorning Muslims in western society and much more done in the name of ostensible freedom of speech is not new. Though Europe proudly calls itself secular, the reality is that to be a Muslim in Europe is becoming difficult day by day. Austria alone has seen a rise of more than 70% in Islamophobic incidents while the number is 62% in Finland and 53% in Italy.

France, on the flip side, has a long tradition of ridiculing Islam and ironically, French people have seen all this as a symbol of free speech. The Islamophobic incidents have increased to 52% in recent years. The country has taken many felonious and condemnable steps against Islam in modern history. In 2011, France became the first European country in the world which banned the full face Islamic veil in public places. No woman was allowed to roam around with her face hidden behind the veil. Several cases of ridiculing Muslim women were reported in France because of the headscarves. Furthermore, anti-Islamic statements of French politicians is also an everyday story. The most recent example is the French President Emanuel Macron's anti-Islamic remarks after the murder of Samuel Patty, which triggered the Islamic community.

The world may have forgotten but France was involved in a brutal genocide of Algerian Muslims as well. It occupied and ruled Algeria for 132 years, from 1830 until 1962. During the course of struggle for independence, over 1.5 million Algerian Muslims were martyred by France. It tortured, murdered, and looted Algerians and even carried out nuclear tests during the colonial rule because of which thousands of people died. France opened missionary schools and closed mosques and religious schools. In 1880s, France took the skulls of 37 resistance fighters of Algeria who were fighting against the French brutal rule and stored them at the Museum of Mankind in Paris. Thousands of Algerians were mercilessly killed after the second world war, when they demanded independence from France.

In today's presumed secular world, France in the name of freedom of expression is harming and hurting the sentiments of a specific community. Regrettably, Muslims make 10% of the French population, the most in any other European country. Instead of contributing positively to the world peace, French authorities along with its people are further fueling the fire and blaming Muslims, Islam and their leaders for the alleged extremism and backlash. No other religion in the world is being targeted the way Islam is and no other community in the world is being treated the way Muslims are. Blasphemous and anti-Islamic comments need to stop at any cost. World needs to stand up against this iniquity otherwise the reaction against such incidents will be uncompromising as can be seen in the case of Samuel Patty.