Hunger in Pakistan 

Hunger in Pakistan 
It is an unfortunate fact that Pakistan is among the top 10 countries where millions of people do not have food three times a day and go to bed without having a meal. We are, progressing, we have a very rich land, and we have Balochistan which is full of natural resources and profiting the entire country. Still we are hearing that a mother sells her children due to hunger. It is estimated that six people out of 10 are facing food insecurity.

In last decade, we have witnessed several natural disasters including heavy rains, floods, earthquakes and long period of drought causing hunger in the country. But the government is not willing to address the issue through allocating more funds for agriculture and land to produce more and decrease hunger.

The people in restaurants, wedding parties, hotels and other places waste a lot of food but never bother to provide that to the poor. Around 40 per cent of the food is wasted in Pakistan. We can eradicate hunger by stopping this practice.

Around 63 per cent of the country's population is living in rural areas and they are depended on agriculture, but we still facing the problem of food insecurity and children are dying in the laps of their mothers because of starvation.

Earlier in 2015, a huge target was set to eliminate poverty by 2030, as the world leaders agreed to work on eradicating poverty. Poverty is the main cause of hunger. Nearly 50 per cent population of Pakistan lives below the poverty line. Only by eradicating poverty, the problem of hunger could be addressed.

It has been almost two decades that Pakistan is in war and thus billions of rupees have been spent of eliminating terrorism which is another problem causing and increasing the hunger in Pakistan. The government has spent money and gave full attention to protect the people from terrorism, but it has never focused on those who are dying of hunger, as they are waiting for government support.

It is a responsibility of the government to take care of all problems, as it is not just terrorism. The list is long and hunger is one of these.