Saudi Arabia signs 20 billion dollar agreements with Pakistan

Saudi Arabia signs 20 billion dollar agreements with Pakistan

  •   Saudi Arabia signed 7 agreements worth USD 20bn

  •  in the first phase with Pakistan

  •  This has come as a surprise for many

  •  What made Saudi Arabia make such a move?

  •  Although these are just MoUs still

  •  and unless they turn into agreements they’re nothing significant,

  •  yet it won’t be surprising if it happens

  •  because political situation in the region is changing quickly,

  •  whether we talk about US withdrawal from Afghanistan,

  •  or the reemergence of Taliban, or Kashmir situation,

  •  or the longstanding dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia

  •  And how can we ignore China’s growing clout in the world

  • At least US and the west can’t ignore it

  •  It seems that after India’s failure in Afghanistan and South China Sea,

  •  US is now pushing Saudi Arabia forward

  •  so that China’s influence in the region can be checked

  •  Experts say, a new game plan for Afghanistan is in place

  •  Question is, is Pakistan again going to be part of this game

  •  and be part of Saudi Arabia’s multinational forces in Afghanistan?

  •  How will that happen?

  •  I believe Pakistan should utilise every investment opportunity that comes

  •  but it must not ignore the countries in the region,

  •  whether it is China, Iran, Afghanistan, India or Central Asian Republics

  •  Pakistan’s survival, security and prosperity

  •  are linked with its ties with these countries

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