Honour Killings are on the rise in Balochistan, is the govt watching?

Honour Killings are on the rise in Balochistan, is the govt watching?
Honour killings have become a major problem in Pakistan.

Human Rights Commission Pakistan reported that annually more than 1,000 people are killed in the name of honour in Pakistan and that has ranked us among the top three countries involved in this gruesome practice.

More so, those involved in the practice are forgiven by family members because they too, most of the times, agree to the honour killings. Others who might not agree tend to stay silent.

Recently Surat Foundation reported that honour killings are rising in Balochistan where 50 people including 30 women were killed in the name of honour by their relatives in this year. Almost 17 women committed suicide and 29 people were tortured.

Owing to this, the ratio of honour crime is increasing in Balochistan. Since the law does not totally protect the citizens and has ways out for the culprits, one person can kill another without a second thought.

The authorities are requested to take notice of the issue and condemn those who openly kill in the name of honour so that such heinous crimes must come to an end.

There are several questions we need to ask ourselves.

Is it wrong to marry a person of your own choice? If not wrong, then why women are being killed, and the law is holding those responsible accountable of their crimes.

Are the laws that weak that they cannot provide justice to the victims. That it cannot hold murderers and their aides accountable?

A woman in Balochistan does not have right to marry with her choice. Women do not have freedom in Balochistan because of the old traditional views. In such circumstances, women in the province demand provision of their rights and that their lives too be safeguarded from threats.
Baloch females want justice and freedom.