A Brief Review Of Polluting Countries Of The World

A Brief Review Of Polluting Countries Of The World
All the countries of the world are responsible for pollution and releasing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. However, five countries namely China, United States of America, India, Russia and Japan top the polluter list.

The carbon emissions produced by these countries are the highest in the world despite agreements such as Kyoto Protocol under United Nations Convention on Climate Change. The carbon emissions are responsible for global warming across the world. There has been a prediction by International Energy Agency (IEA) that there could be an increase in emissions of 130% by 2050 if no proper safety measures to conserve the planet are adopted.

Five major countries of the world are increasingly creating pressure on the mother earth; the first and foremost being China. Its level of pollution is accounted to be 30%, a serious alarming proportion. China hosts majority of industries, which produce export-led commodities. Therefore, its carbon emission is one of the highest in the world. Beijing at present has started receiving red alerts for environmental pollution.

United States of America follows next in the list of polluting countries with its pollution level being rated as 15%. USA is one of the leading industrial and commercial powers of the world. Not only to urban areas but the rural areas are also under the negative impact of pollution. Despite the agreements and initiatives made by USA to fight climate change, there has been a considerable increase in pollution in USA.

About 7% of pollution level is reported by India. A recent report revealed by World Health Organization has indicated that about fourteen out of fifteen epidemic ridden cities of the world exist in India. The burning of fossil fuels in India has been massive since years, which has contributed to poor air quality.  Despite several legislative measures made in India since 1981 to safeguard air quality, a record increase in burning of fossil fuels has been reported. As a result, India’s pollution level has been increasing ranking it among top polluter countries.

Russia follows next with contribution of about 5% pollution in the world. Its dependency on fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas for industrial and commercial uses paves way towards burning of these resources in the due process of production. Hence, it pollutes the environment with every passing day. Increasing levels of deforestation is another primary cause of pollution in Russia. Animal hunting has been on an increase in different parts of Russia resulting in dumping of animal waste in soil or its burning on a large scale. It thereby yields high levels of pollution.

Japan is last on the list with its pollution rate being 4% in the world. Japan is the fifth major emitter of greenhouse gases of the world as it is deemed to have a stronghold in urban development. Its efforts for enhancing industrial and commercial production demonstrates a little or no concern for urban development. Thus, it considerably pollutes the environment.

Concluding thereby, it can be asserted that the above-mentioned five most polluting countries of the world should adopt strict precautionary measures to counter pollution levels. They need to be mindful of the environmental hazard their activities pose on the planet earth and accordingly devise strategies to stay environment-friendly.