'Muslim Ummah' Must Question The Hypocrisy Of Its Rulers Over Palestine Issue

'Muslim Ummah' Must Question The Hypocrisy Of Its Rulers Over Palestine Issue
Since childhood, we have been hearing about the Israel-Palestine conflict and the decades-long Israeli atrocities and oppression that has claimed the lives of millions of Palestinians. Every person with even an iota of humanity would sympathise with the Palestinians for the pain and sufferings.

However, when I saw a protest by the elders of Pakistan's Khyber Agency in favor of the Palestinians’ rights, I could not help but laugh. The speeches at the protests by the elder made me laugh even though I did not want to laugh. I was not laughing at the protest itself but on one of the main speeches very emotionally delivered by the guest speaker. In an emotional address, he said, "if Israel did not stop its actions, we will pick sticks and beat Israel in a way that it will be remembered for generations to come".

But the fact of the matter is that in the last seventy years, the armies of more than fifty countries in the Islamic world, numbering more than ten millions have not been able to liberate Palestine. So why do these elders think that this time their protest and the threat of beating them with sticks will stop Israel from its tyranny? The simple answer to this is that Muslims around the word have been terribly deceived by their leaders and educational curriculums on the issue of Palestine. Israel is being portrayed as a weak country which is at the mercy of Muslims. But the truth is that Israel proved itself more powerful than the entire block of the Muslim world. Otherwise, three times after the establishment of the Israeli state, the armies of the six-seven Arab countries attacked Israel jointly with full zeal and preparation. Each time, Israel not only inflicted a shaming defeat on all of them, but also occupied more territories from these attacking Arabs. The result of all these humiliating military defeats is that till today, these Muslim countries have not even dared to take back their own lands from Israel.
Now let's talk about some facts.

The total population of Israel is 9.5 million while Muslims' population is one and a half billion around the world. The total number of Israeli defense forces is less than 200,000, while the total number of Muslim forces is more than 10 million, which is even far more than the total population of Israel. The whole area of Israel is less than the area of our tribal area (ex-FATA) while Muslims are spread across many continents with more than fifty countries in the world. Israeli military strength and position in comparison with Muslims is almost non existent. Then why have Islamic countries not been able to liberate their Qibla e Awal (Alquds) despite such a numerical superiority and strength? There is a simple and understandable reason for this which ordinary Muslims are either unable to understand, or their political and military rulers do not tell them the truth. Israel has made itself so strong economically, socially, politically, technologically and militarily that despite most of the neighbours and Muslim world wish to liberate Palestine, they are unable to do so. They tried and failed miserably. At the same time, one of the other main reasons is that the political and military leadership in the Muslim world tacitly recognised Israel as a state and a strong military power; just they cannot do it politically due to domestic backlash. Most of the Muslim states have been misleading their people on the issue of Palestine.

An ordinary Muslim especially Pakistani Muslims, must ask themselves and their rulers these few questions to ascertain the true position of billion plus Ummah and their strength. Where is the military alliance of forty-five Islamic countries headed by the General (r) Raheel Sharif from Pakistan? What is the purpose of that military alliance?
Where is Mr. Erdogan, the only true leader of the Islamic world and one of the descendants of Ertugrul, to order his armies against Israel? Break off his country’s trade and diplomatic relations with Israel and take some real steps to weaken Israel.
Where is the leader of the Islamic world, Saudi Arabia to stop Israel with the spirit of true faith, its oil wealth and the unity of the Arab countries?
Where are the warriors of TLP, Tehreek-e-Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda not ready to go for jihad against Israel teach it a lesson? Or they only wage jihad in Muslim countries?