Shameless lawyer tries to take off trousers of a judge

Shameless lawyer tries to take off trousers of a judge
Lawyers play a vital role as part of the justice system, but unfortunately, in Pakistan, some seem to have gone rogue. It seems that those who pledge to be the protectors of justice and vow to stand by the law are now above it.

Recently, a shocking video came to light where a lawyer was reportedly thrashing and assaulting a Judge trying to strip his pants off in the Banking Court, Lahore. Sadly, the very incident is utterly shameful considering that the sanctity of the courtroom and that of a Judge were not respected.

But this isn't the first time that lawyers have gone wild in Pakistan. Since the revolutionary Lawyer's Movement under former Chief Justice of Pakistan Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmed. These very protectors of law, fighters of justice and a symbol of human rights have been thrashing, attacking and assaulting Judges, police officers and intimidating people. However, it seems that there is no accountability for rogue lawyers that easily escape and get away with the penalty due to their "Black Coats".

Here are a few videos on how the protectors of justice misuse their authority and freedom.


Police VS Lawyers

Protectors of Justice?

It is high time that such barbaric acts of violence by lawyers are held accountable and penalized by the concerned authorities. The Bar Council should take immediate action against such officers of the court that are out of control and a disrespect to the whole Judicial system.

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