Yasmin Rashid's Daughter Gets KEMU Job As PTI Govt Flouts Merit Yet Again

Yasmin Rashid's Daughter Gets KEMU Job As PTI Govt Flouts Merit Yet Again
Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid's daughter’s appointment in King Edward Medical University (KEMU) as assistant professor of foetal medicine in great 19 has rightly raised eyebrows. It was reported that a new department was created by the university only to accommodate the minister's daughter. Although Ms Rashid has told the media that the criticism is unfounded as her daughter was appointed on merit, it is clear that due process was flouted in this case by a party that once never got tired of championing meritocracy. New appointments in the university are generally made on a contractual basis, but she was appointed as a permanent faculty member.

When in opposition, Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was highly critical of what they would term 'sifaarish culture' in government appointments. However, after coming into power the party failed to live up to the expectations of its voters and began practicing what they once criticised others for. This is not the first time the ruling party has shown disregard for the values it once so vehemently advocated. Such transgression from its own principles sadly shows that the PTI, which wooed voters by telling them that it was different from other parties and will create a 'new Pakistan', is in fact no different from other political parties and groups that make tall promises but forget all about them after assuming power.

Some PTI voters who continue to support the prime minister regardless of his dwindling popularity will perhaps keep at it and turn a blind eye to the many failures of this government, but a section of PTI voters who thought there were voting for 'change' now feel disappointed as ever. Having spoken to some of these PTI supporters who believe in the ideology the party strongly expressed before its victory in 2018 general elections, I am certain that Imran Khan's fanbase is losing hope. Even some of the most diehard PTI supporters who thought of Imran Khan as a messiah -- a man would rid Pakistan of all that ails it, feel betrayed.

It is disappointing to them that what they considered Pakistan's 'last hope' actually turned out to be just as flawed and morally corrupt as anyone else in politics. Moreover, it seems that the prime minister and his party are little concerned about this disappointment among his support base.

The PTI should know that if it does not deliver and continues to disappoint its voters like this, they will not only be voted out of power in the next polls but also lose public trust for good. Therefore, the PTI leadership and government officials must wake up and smell the coffee. Disappointing voters will prove to be a disaster for them once they are out of government.

The writer is a Lahore-based journalist.