Saba Qamar Says Hollywood Filmmaker Weinstein’s Conviction In Rape Case ‘Red Signal’ For Pakistani Showbiz

Saba Qamar Says Hollywood Filmmaker Weinstein’s Conviction In Rape Case ‘Red Signal’ For Pakistani Showbiz
Following the New York court’s decision to convict Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein in rape and sexual assault cases, Actor Saba Qamar applauded the decision, saying the verdict should be red signal for Pakistan’s showbiz industry.

Hollywood media tycoon Harvey Weinstein was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual assault and third-degree rape by a New York court on Monday.

According to a news report published in The Express Tribune, actor Saba Qamar, in response to Weinstein conviction said, the Hollywood film producer verdict should be a red signal for the Pakistani showbiz industry, as now a court has given a verdict based on survivor testimonies. “I am glad the Weinstein verdict came in favour of the survivors, that is our biggest win,” she added.

While talking about casting couch in Pakistani showbiz industry, the actor said incidents of demanding sexual favours are very common in the Pakistani entertainment industry and she was not ashamed of admitting it. The actor said the time has come and now people should start reporting these cases.

The newspaper quotes Saba Qamar as saying, “I believe no woman is helpless, all of us are powerful in our own ways and should be cautious and smart about an unwanted situation that can be avoided.” She said the discourse around sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement is misled, the crime is not gender-specific. In fact, men and children are also, routinely subjected to abuse just like many women.

Harvey Weinstein was convicted because of the testimonies of a former production assistant Miriam Haley and actor Jesica Mann. Apart from these two testimonies based on which the court proceeded; Weinstein was accused of predatory behaviour by close to 90 women. Accusers included leading names such as Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie among other actors and Weinstein’s former employees.

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