How To Be A Nontoxic Parent

How To Be A Nontoxic Parent

The process of child rearing is perhaps the greatest gift bestowed upon mankind, after humanity. Of nurturing and upbringing of another human being. It is said that with great power comes great responsibility. When man was created and sent on this glorious planet, given the power of the mind, numerous skills and blessings, he was also given the task of shaping future generations, which in turn determine the future of the world. This not only includes the physical development of the child, but also the emotional, intellectual and social upbringing of their offspring, which is what sets them apart from all other beings.

Parenting is a vast term; it encompasses many different facets of human life and is not bound by biological or physical factors. Since it is so multi-faceted, it has evolved in various ways. A ‘parent’ is not exclusively a father or mother, but any figure that is in a leading role and holds an authoritative position.

How a child is brought up depends on the style adopted by the parental figure. While some are wholesome early influences, others can negatively impact the child, causing severe emotional deficiencies which are, in extreme cases, irreparable. It is therefore important to ascertain the correct balance of authority and affection so as to ensure a nourishing environment for growth.

Although flexibility is a requirement for child raising, being overly permissive and not implementing any discipline leads to chaos. It is imperative for a parent, as a person, to be open minded, giving, nurturing as well as understanding and available, both mentally and physically. Strength of character and ability to communicate on a mutually beneficial level is key to form a bond with your child.

With a world that is constantly evolving, parenting styles and requirements have also changed. Historically, parents had a more authoritarian approach towards their children despite the fact that families were closer knit. Especially in our society, parents demanded a certain level of decorum and respect that sometimes treaded on an unreasonable level, which results in a general toxicity towards the child. In today's fast paced and rapidly evolving world, how we raise our children affects not only us on a personal level but has a global perspective too.

It is crucial to raise empathetic humans, who are aware of their surroundings, the good, the bad and the ugly. Extra emphasis needs to be laid on building their emotional strength and intellectual foundations so they can contribute to being better citizens, in order to take the societal problems head on. Critical thinking, mental peace and social awareness are all factors that need to be nurtured within the future generations and they can only be achieved through nontoxic parenting.

Because of our capitalist society, materialism is rampant. It is the job of the parents to keep emotional and intellectual needs of the child in focus too, along with fulfilling the material needs. The trendiest clothes, latest gadgets or a fancy education does not amount to much if your child is insecure, unhappy or socially distant. Wholesomeness is what should be strived for.

In order to be a good parent, you need to be available for your child in every possible way. Your presence should be ascertained and your character one they look up to. Keep yourself open to criticism, accept your mistakes, keep your mind and heart open to your little one and let them know it. Do not set impossibly high standards for them to achieve or make them feel worthless. Teach them how to fly an let them know you are there to catch them if they fall. It is okay to fail, it is okay to feel, and as long as you maintain your humanity, the world is your oyster.

Your kids deserve the best of you, please provide them with a nurturing atmosphere within your homes and your hearts, a child is the biggest blessing and biggest responsibility from the universe to you, make sure you do them proud and leave the world in the hands of the best humans.

The author is a Pilot turned housewife. Obsessed with coffee and fuzzy socks. She can be reached @SassiLannister