Citizen Announces Committing Suicide After Being Booked For Anti-Islam, Anti-Army Views

Citizen Announces Committing Suicide After Being Booked For Anti-Islam, Anti-Army Views
A citizen Rana Javed in a video posted on Facebook said he was committing suicide, as he had been harassed for his pro-democracy views and opposition to establishment’s intervention in political affairs and religious fanaticism.

Rana – a resident of Jadanwala town in Bhakkar district – said he was accused of propaganda against army and spreading anti-religious thinking through Facebook, as he stood for democracy and wanted elimination of extremism.

He claimed that police and Military Intelligence raided his house without any warrant but couldn’t find him and instead picked up his younger brother who worked for Army Medical Corps (AMC). However, it did not happen suddenly as he was being followed for the last three months, he claimed.

Rana, in the video, said he was 13 and a student at a government school, when some representatives of Jaish-e-Muhammad came and convinced them to join jihad. Later, he joined the training camp and wasted five precious five years in terrorism, he remarked.

However, he left them and started studying, Rana said and added that he changed his thinking.

On the other hand, Jadanwala Police Station Muhammad Illyas told NayaDaur that Rana had committed blasphemy and they received complaints against previously too. He termed it a drama, saying Rana had not committed suicide and they would capture him soon.

According to the FIR dated 20-06-19, Rana used Facebook for posts against the army to defame it at international level. In a separate post, he said why Allah has created haram animals when these are forbidden for human consumption. Similarly, he said Muhammad (PBUH) went on Miraj when he was 45 and namaz had been made compulsory after it, meaning that namaz is not mandatory for a Muslim before the age of 45.

The FIR says Rana was later found distributing prints of his posts but he fled the scene on seeing the police who seized a bag containing these papers.

Therefore, they had registered an FIR against the accused for propagating against Islam and the army.


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