Pakistan Made A Mistake By Joining US’s War On Terror: PM Imran Khan

Pakistan Made A Mistake By Joining US’s War On Terror: PM Imran Khan
NEW YORK: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan, while addressing an event organised by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York on Monday, said that Pakistan had made a big mistake by joining the United States (US) in the war against terrorism after 9/11.

Speaking on the occasion, the PM said that during his visit to the US in 2008, he had told members of the government that there was no military solution to the Afghan problem. He also admitted that Pakistan Army had provided training to Al-Qaeda fighters prior to 9/11.

He said that Pakistan had sacrificed 70,000 lives and wasted $200 million in the war against terrorism which was a big loss for the country.

Further, PM Khan said that he had no idea about the reports pertaining to the Abbotabad Commission. Talking in reference to the Kartarpur Corridor, he said that his government was making efforts to safeguard the lives and properties of religious minorities in the country.

He also said, “Islam is a religion of peace but a small group of extremists has brought a bad name to the religion.” Islam provides equal rights to religious minorities, he added.

Speaking on Pakistan-China relations, the prime minister said that China has never tried to interfere in the foreign policy of Pakistan and has not made any effort to harm our sovereignty.

Blaming past governments for the present economic mess of Pakistan, the PM said that China, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates helped Pakistan during tough economic times. “We had no option but to go to IMF in order to avoid a full-scale financial crisis,” he added.

Moreover, PM Khan said that Pakistan wants peace and stability in the region but India has been refusing to come to the negotiating table. He also said that poverty and pollution are two of the biggest problems being faced by the people of the subcontinent.

He called upon the international community to speak up for the rights of Kashmiris, saying that millions of Kashmiris were living under curfew in Indian occupied Kashmir.

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