Palestinians Are Rightfully Cushioning

Palestinians Are Rightfully Cushioning

At last, US President Joe Biden announced ceasefire between Hamas, and Israel – Egypt was the interlocutor to plunge the temperature. The outrageous bombing from Israel sustained for 11 days, where 232 Palestinians lost their lives including 65 children and 39 women. On the other hand, Hamas rockets killed 12 Israelis.

As an interloper, I saw all the development closely, and obligated me to go through the antiquity of the Palestine-Israel conflict, and fathom the bone of contention the Palestinians face. Inp the Western media, conflict word is used for the Palestine-Israel topic. I take as gospel using the word ‘conflict’ because it mirrors the world has lovey-dovey for Israel. Conflict is between the people or state having equal resources, arms, and technology. However, when we air at the status quo of Gaza, it is literally called rightly the ‘biggest open-air prison.'

Gaza is an area of 41 kilometers long, and 12 kilometers wide. It’s the high densely populated area of 2 million residents with mammoth military arrayed to avoid Gazans to escape. The area is politically controlled by the populist Hamas. In addition, Gaza is considered an unlivable place, as per the UN report.

The city is filled with rubbles around it, and approximately 80% of the people depend on UN aid because Israel has put heavy surveillance on the citizens putting in place impediments to work. In fact, the food supplies are also taken through militarized check-posts on the outskirts of the city. According to the World Bank, 70 percent of the youth are unemployed. Essential requirements, like electricity, and drinkable water supply has become perturbed for the Gazans. The only desalination plant in Gaza was wrecked by the Israeli forces.

Meanwhile, if you grasp the situation of the Israeli-occupied territory, you could with no trouble fathom the luxury they relish with all utilities accessible. It’s certainly heart-wrenching to see the world is apparently so deserted to diminish the genocidal attempts of Israelis every day. There is a notion that Palestine-Israel is a dilemma of Muslims and Jew. In reality, it’s the humanitarian crisis that is outrageously ridiculed by the Israeli forces.

Following the 1946-1949 Palestine war, the UN adopted the resolution of ‘right to return’ to all the Palestinian refugees – till the day, the execution over the resolution hasn’t been done. Indeed, Israel continues the genocidal colonization in the left-over Palestinian territory. But what echoes from US President Joe Bidden is that Israel has the right to ‘self-defense’, and the US stands unequivocal. It only portrays the conniving policies of the US establishment to protect the Israeli atrocities.

Tactlessly, many of the destitute people whispered President Biden will be unlike his predecessor. However, the opening litmus test of human rights for President Biden has been abortive to accommodate the wounded Palestinians. He was not only prejudiced but stick up with the Israel Premier Netanyahu when a fresh deal of supply of $735m was sanctioned until progressive voices in Congress yelled to oppose it.

For the first time, Jewish Senator Bernie Sanders presented the resolution to disapprove the $735 million armament sale to Israel. Apart from it, other progressive voices include Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib, and Alexandria Cortez.

Another rejoinder of the latest Israel belligerence was the colossal protests ignited in the US and diverse parts of Europe including Britain. In extension to it, dozens of human rights organizations despite condemning declared Israel as the ‘apartheid state’ – for massively bombing the non-combatant. It surely bound President Biden to bring PM Netanyahu to cool down because of the mounting pressure.

This aggression has different angles to sight, and one of them is Israel’s internal politics because many insiders think that Israeli PM is facing serious corruption charges, and repeatedly failed to form the government – to divert attention, he is waging war on the Palestinians.

Whatever the reasons are, the point is clear – who will give justice to the Palestinians? Who will give justice to the massacred? Will Israel ever be held accountable for committing war crimes with impunity? Does the ceasefire mean the end of the chapter? The chapter, which took over 200 lives!

If not, then Palestinians should better be ready for another devastation from the apartheid state because it will continue. The world shouldn’t expect roses from Palestinians, in exchange for the bullets, and corpses. The struggle of Palestinians is indigenous, and generations have been struggling for the right to live. Ostensibly, waylaying Palestinians would only glass case the connivance of the world, and fortify resistance from the innocents but wouldn’t halt.

Hence, Palestinians are rightfully cushioning!

The author writes for various Pakistani news websites.