PIA Plane Crash: When Rescue Workers Rushed To The Site To Save Lives

PIA Plane Crash: When Rescue Workers Rushed To The Site To Save Lives
Rescue workers recollected how the site of the PIA plane crash looked like when they reached there to undertake rescue efforts. The streets of Model Colony are narrow and the crash landing between the houses in a frail state of the Airbus A320 is being commended, because it could have been more destructive over the congested houses.

Express Tribune quoted Faisal Edhi of Edhi Foundation as saying that when his team got to the site, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)'s fire brigades were already there to put out the fire.

In a report published in The News, Inayatullah, a member of Karachi Municipal Corporation’s (KMC) Fire Brigade department said that the fire was declared of third-degree since the beginning because it was an airplane fire. Many rescue workers have sustained severe burn injuries.

Faisal Edhi also described the rescue work to have been occurring over the rooftops of the houses because the street in which the crash happened was littered with debris.

He also added that people used the rooftops to transfer dead bodies and debris, transferring from one house to another and then taking them to the ambulance in the neighbouring street.

Inayatullah said that Karachi Municipal Corporation, Karachi Port Trust, Port Qasim Authority, and Pakistan steel mills joined hands in collecting around 36 fire brigades. Karachi Water and Sewerage Board also supplied 12 water tankers on the spot.

According to Innayatullah, it may take up to 24 hours or more to cool the debris down because the fire was still emitting from some of the debris.

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