Sindh Health Dept Recommends Curfew To Implement Selective Lockdown

Sindh Health Dept Recommends Curfew To Implement Selective Lockdown
KARACHI: The health department of Sindh has called for imposing a curfew following the ineffectiveness of the selective lockdown recently imposed in the province.

According to news reports, the department urged the provincial government to impose the restriction to implement the lockdown in 182 affected Union Councils of the province.

To substantiate its stance, it elaborated on the situation in the virus hot-spots in all six districts of Karachi. The details focused on the parameters of socio-economic status, congestion due to population, frequency of infections and the deaths.

The department feared that in the current situation, the lock-down would not bring about much result, and it might spread even more. It noted that the shops have remained open and the commuters are moving freely. "This is not a lock-down," it maintained.

Less than a week ago, the provincial government enforced a selective lock-down in the hot-spots of the province. The authorities put barriers at various main arteries of Karachi and placed other restrictions. However, the dwellers continued to roam freely on the streets and some shops were also reported to be open.

On Monday, the premier reiterated that the lock-down would not resolve the issue, adding that he wouldn't have enforced a lock-down had he been consulted by the provinces on the matter.

According to latest statistics, the total number of cases stand at 185,034, while the cases in Sindh are at a total of 71,092 cases.

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