How do different religions and atheism collectively support the cause of humanity For Coexistence?

How do different religions and atheism collectively support the cause of humanity For Coexistence?
Man by nature is born to procure and promulgate the forces of goodness and you cannot dismiss him as worthless or relating to forces of evil just because he does not belong to your sect or religion even if he is an atheist. All of us have one centre. All of us are human beings and we are leading to one basic goal and that is betterment of humanity and peace for all.

Thinking and asking question is very important for learning. For asking questions you need not have any jargon or particular academic backdrop. Questioning is an innate capacity of a child to enquire and to know. We perceive the world to be divided into two basic forces. At one hand are forces of evil while on the other hand are divine forces. Man by nature is born to propagate and feel the forces of goodness.

Man by nature is not evil, but he sometimes commits evil things to hurt people and take advantage of them and to do things which are not logical and acceptable. Apart from religious moral and ethical code of conduct, there are some basic human ethical values which we need. Human nature cannot accept you if you are lying. That's wrong.

Even if you are an atheist, you believe in that basic code of conduct. You cannot deny it. If you are molesting someone or in a relationship without consent of a person, it's wrong whether you are an atheist or you are Hindu or you are a Muslim or Christian. If you are stealing something you are doing wrong if you kill somebody, if you rob someone it's wrong according to any definition. If there is a place like Hell, it is for those who deny the basic natural forces of goodness and such people can be found in any sect or religion. Allah says in Quran:

“People of the Book! Come now to a word common between us and you, that we serve none but God, and that we associate not aught with Him, and do not some of us take others as Lords, apart from God.' And if they turn their backs, say: 'Bear witness that we are Muslims.”(Trans: Arberry)

So there are some basic ethical features related to human beings and they are naturally acceptable and your psychological makeover tells you that this is right and this is wrong. If any religion segregate any other religion or atheism as a representation of forces of evil then this definition is not acceptable just because it is not relatable. A person who is not trying to harm anyone; who is not lying; who is not molesting anybody; who is not stealing; who is not robbing; who is not doing any injustice on the face of earth; he is trying to find the truth in his own way whether he is an atheist or he is a Christian or Hindu or a Muslim. He is not a force of evil. He is a force of goodness. So we cannot term them as belonging to forces of darkness.

Man seeks help of God to find truth even if he is finding truth by himself; he believes in himself and he believes in humanity and his nature to do and find good. He is trying to find goodness; he is not trying to harm anyone, so all such people are trying to find the truth, we cannot reject them as evil or call them infidels or people who will burn in hell or dismiss them as being worthless by providing any explanation because a man who is believing in a basic forces of goodness; who is following his nature ;who is trying to follow his heart and who is trying to follow the route which according to him is justifiable and who is trying to think logically and find the truth in natural logical way cannot be associated with the forces of darkness.

So we should let people live in peace and give them space and don't judge them as Non-Muslims or Muslims. If a man who is doing wrong all his life and killing many innocent cannot save himself from the fire of hell just because he follows the religion of his birth and doesn't ever try to explore the true spirit of it.

Lecturer English University of Agriculture Faisalabad