KP Asks Other Provinces To Return All Gandharan Artefacts

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has asked the federal government to ask all provinces to return their pieces of Gandharan Art to KP. According to estimates, the number of pieces will amount to 3150.

Lahore Museum's director says this would mean that a majority of the collections of the museums in Pakistan will go back to KP.

The director added that Gandharan art is one of the oldest arts in the country and it also acts as an artifact that unites the country.

After the 18th Amendment, archaeology and artifacts come under the ambit of the provinces and can only be moved if the federal government asked the provinces to move them or if the provinces themselves agree.

KP particularly had its eyes on the Fasting Siddhartha that is housed at the Lahore Museum, a piece that has been moved very little in the past.

The province is taking this step in order to reach  its potential as a tourist destination in the country.

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