Journalist Ansar Abbasi Faces Criticism For Sexualising Woman Exercising On PTV

Senior investigative journalist Ansar Abbasi is facing criticism for sexualising a woman exercising on the national television.

The journalist tagged Prime Minister Imran Khan, Information Minister Shibli Faraz, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Asim Saleem Bajwa in the video the woman exercising and said: 'This is PTV.'

Abbasi, who is Editor Investigation at The News, was called out by commentators on social media, who said someone with a 'sick mind' can find anything wrong with an everyday thing, like working out.

Rights activist Marvi Sirmed commented on his video, saying: "And what exactly is wrong with this? She is just working out. What kind of sick pervert sees anything sexual in it? Abbasi sahib, seriously, you need to get a life."

Sociologist and LUMS Professor Nida Kirmani said: "Only someone with a sick mind would imply that a video of a woman exercising is in some way inappropriate. Seek psychological counselling, and in the meantime stop watching television or leaving your house for that matter."

Journalist Hamna Zubair wrote: "Sexualising and objectifying women doing normal everyday things like working out is also rape culture."

Another user the remarks made by Abbasi showed how confused 'we are as a nation'.

Ghinwa Bhutto called him a 'potential rapist'.

The remarks made by the senior journalist, Ansar Abbasi, also did not sit well with Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry, who urged him to go for 'therapy'. "If even an exercise session and women picture on advertisement boards makes you feel amorous, you really need psychic therapy and advice."