Hate-Filled ‘Scholars’ Are Leading Muslims Astray

Hate-Filled ‘Scholars’ Are Leading Muslims Astray
This article does not aim to criticize Muslims, but shed light on their behavior and deviation from the teachings of Islam. I often ask myself if we, as Muslims, have failed to show the genuine image of Islam. The answer, more often than not, is YES.

The most arrogant act of Muslims is to think and believe that they are the only ones who will go to Jannah. But then again, who are we to decide? Are we playing God (Nauzibillah)? If we look a little closer, people from other religions are more Mohammadan than we are. Even those who have no faith have better ethics, yet we claim to be all pious and superior.

Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib said: “People are of two types; they're either your brothers in faith or your equals in humanity.” Did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ever tell us to kill the ‘non-believers’? He never did, yet we kill in the name of religion and oppress the minorities in our countries.

"Say all people of all books come," [Al-Quran].

All four books including the Holy Quran, the Torah, the Bible, and the Zaboor come from the same source. Once a person along with Ali Ibn Abi Talib was walking past a church, and asked the blessed companion of the Prophet ‘how much Polytheism was being practiced inside’. Hazrat Ali (RA) said: “I just know how much Allah is being worshipped in that church.”

Islamic scholar Javed Ahmed Ghamidi has highlighted some solid weaknesses of today's Muslim. He says that terrorism across the world is due to un-authenticated and inappropriate religious thoughts which divert the minds of Muslims.

Following are some inappropriate contents of Islam.

  1. Muslims have the right to ‘punish’ Polytheists or anyone who leaves the fold of Islam.

  2. No one has the right to rule in the world except Muslims.

  3. Muslims should only establish a government in the world which is known as Caliphate.

Such narratives are being taught in madrassas for centuries, but now is the time for some change. I am neither an Islamist or a secular. I am a Muslim and a Democrat who believes that negative connotations attached to Islam due to poor acts of Muslims must be removed via positive behavior. These are difficult times for Muslims because the extremist rhetoric is widespread. Most of the credit goes to the ‘scholars’.

These ‘scholars’ spew hatred and venom against people from other sects and people blindly believe them. Recently, I came across a video in which a scholar can be seen and heard explaining how filing was forbidden in Islam. Yet, he records his ‘lectures’ and spreads it all over the internet. These kinds of hypocritical ‘scholars’ should be avoided because they don’t only mislead people, they give a bad name to Islam.

We too have to decide if we worship Allah Almighty or the scholars? Do we even understand the Quran properly? The Holy Quran is the most read book in the world, but also the least understood. It’s time we change that.