Govt Considering To Introduce Low-Grade Petrol For Motorcycles

Govt Considering To Introduce Low-Grade Petrol For Motorcycles
To counter soaring petrol prices and provide an alternative to the public, Prime Minister Imran Khan is considering a proposal which aims to allow the sale of low-grade petrol for motorcycles.

According to Dawn, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered his special assistant on petroleum Nadeem Babar to review the proposal and introduce 80-82 RON petrol for motorcycles. The proposal is reported to have been floated by Dr Abdullah Malik, an official of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra).

Pakistan switched to 92RON from 87RON two years ago to meet international fuel standards. The country had stopped using 82RON petrol 30 years ago. Research Octane Number (RON) is an indication of the quality of fuel and generally, fuel with higher RON is supposed to be cleaner and of better quality.

A petroleum ministry official said that oil marketing companies were opposing the move because it required them to add additional at their retail outlets and establish separate storage houses.

Abdullah Malik told Dawn that the 82 RON petrol would not be a low-quality one."The 80-82RON petrol proposed for two-wheelers would not mean that it would be of low quality. In fact, it would be better than Euro-II petrol because it would not contain any chemical or additive, he claimed."

However, the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) have strongly opposed the move saying that it would be a huge step backwards. “This policy initiative (of 80-82RON) will be a huge step backwards in a long-standing national goal of achieving international standards,”

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