List Of Small, Local Businesses You Can Support This Eid

List Of Small, Local Businesses You Can Support This Eid
As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caught the world in a riptide, people from all walks of life have suffered its impact in their daily lives. Needless to say, people at the bottom rung of the economic ladder are those who have borne the maximum casualties, in terms of health concerns and greater exposure to the rampant virus.

On top of that, the fear of being laid off or sharp increase in working hours without even so much as a living wage has become common. In Pakistan, the biggest culprit of the latter is the textile industry.

It has recently come to light that the textile moguls in Pakistan which hold the monopoly over the general market, have been massively laying off their factory workers. In some cases, these giants are not even paying their workers the living wage. As a result, the staff faces the brunt of the situation. It is not enough for us to only raise our voice on the matter, but taking action is also important. Therefore, this Eid, we urge you to step away from the giants in the industry and move towards those that are not financially depriving their employees. Further, we should support small local clothing businesses, which are not only offering exceptional quality at much lower rates, but are also in need of our aid as their profits too have been disturbed due to the pandemic.

To make this step even easier for you, we have compiled a list of clothing lines for people of all ages in Pakistan that are offering a variety of noteworthy outfits for you this Eid. You may order from the comfort and safety of your home.

For the women

This Eid, you can step away from your favorite brands without worrying about the drop in quality or breaking the bank, as these clothing lines have got you covered to ensure you look your most fashionable and most elegant.

Each of the following names have been proven to deliver better styles and quality as compared to the ones we have grown accustomed to over the last few years, be it traditional chikan kari kurtas or silk dresses with a more modern touch to them. Here is an expansive but not exhaustive list of brands for you to explore:
● Mannat

Instagram: @mannat_clothing
Facebook: Mannat


● Elate by Sara Ahmad

Instagram: @elatebysa
Facebook: Elate by Sara Ahmad

● Lilac by Rohma

Instagram: @lilacbyrohma
Facebook: Lilac by Rohma
● Mushroom Clothing

Instagram: @mushroomclothingofficial
Facebook: Mushroom
● Exclusive Inn
Instagram: @exclusiveinnfashion
Facebook: Exclusive
● Bare Basics
Instagram: @barebasicspk
Facebook: barebasicspk

For the men:
This year instead of rushing to a store at the last minute and struggling to find a kurta that you haven’t already worn before, we’re trying to bring the kurtas to you so you may look your best without having to leave your home, many of which are very friendly on your wallet too. Below is a list of clothing lines offering remarkable kurtas for you this Eid.
● Kurta Republic

Instagram: @kurtarepublic
Facebook: Kurta Republic
● Kapray:
Instagram: @kaprayonline
Facebook: Kapray
● Kurta Mahal
Instagram: @kurtamahalofficial
● Kurta Corner
Instagram: @kurtacornerofficial
Kurta Corner: Kurta Corner
● Shahzeb Saeed
Instagram: @shahzebsaeedonline
Facebook: Shahzeb Saeed Menswear
● Rivaj
Instagram: @rivajmens
Facebook: Rivaj Men’s Wear
On every occasion, instead of only aiming to look our best, we must try to make any efforts and contributions possible to ensure that all the people who have worked to deliver us the desired product are receiving the fruit of their efforts. Now is the time to make the transition and make this Eid, and every other Eid, a special one for all.