500,000 Pakistanis Left The Country In 2019 For Better Life

According to the Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment, there are approximately 10 million Pakistanis abroad, signifying a huge brain drain for the country.

The report published by the bureau states that most Pakistanis leave the country in order to escape unemployment and to find stable futures.

In the last two years, 884000 people have left the country with 300000 moving out in 2018 and 500000 in 2019. The report states that it is usually fresh graduates who leave.

The report further adds that the largest number people who move away are skilled individuals. 369000 skilled individuals have left the country in which engineers, doctors and accountants top the list. Engineers have been leaving the country the most because there are no jobs for them in the country.

The high incidence of doctors moving abroad is explained by the fact that young doctors have stable futures abroad. The healthcare system in Pakistan is in shambles and it needs to be fixed in order to retain doctors.

The report also looks at where the people move to. The Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar are the top destinations for Pakistani expatriates. These are followed by Malaysia, Britain and the US.

The report also summarises the remittances sent to Pakistan. According to it, the financial year of 2018-2019 saw $21.8 million in remittances sent to the country. It also notes that $74.7 million was dispatched as foreign exchange by Pakistanis this year.

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