Does she have a choice?

Does she have a choice?
Just want to go away far from life

so that none could find me

nor I could find myself

but am I really there?

Am I one with myself?

Perhaps no,

so does that make me liable to stay there

motionless like a mannequin,

I saw once at a mall

and tried to raise hands with

but mother rebuked me,

saying it doesn't exist

how easily she denied the existence of someone so distinctive?

Someone that I imagine

upon reading the word obedience

I wonder, how easily she stays there in an attire

that doesn't belong to her,

in a body that is still in search of a soul,

living a life of ignorance

believing everybody,

thinking they are her well-wishers

But does she have a choice?

She is a mute puppet or a dumb doll

as they want her to believe

in a bid to strengthen their false notions

and weak personalities

that need a wall to lean against

and a recliner to rely on,

and she is doing both for them,


poor she.

Hello? Can you talk?


We mistook her

for something else

because mannequins don't talk this way about others,

and she is a special one

because her boobs attract our customers

and when they pinch them,

she doesn't say a word,

but do we really care?

She is just a dummy,

and a jackpot that engages our clients,

and we get more sales.

Who cares more than that?