Will Keep Fighting Injustice, Says Transgender Activist Julie After Release

After her release from jail, human rights activist Julie Khan has vowed to keep on fighting against injustice despite all the odds.

In a video message to The Centrum Media, she said: "The truth always wins and injustice always has to meet its end."

Speaking about her struggle, Julie, a transgender woman, she always raised her voice against injustice and will continue to do so wherever she will encounter it.

She hoped that the next generation will follow in her footsteps and resist unjust practices, adding that she would make sure they tell the truth without being harmed.

"If I was afraid before I am not anymore," she said, alluding to the public support. "I will make sure to stand against injustice and I will keep fighting. If you kill me, I will leave behind so many supporters that they will never end," she concluded.