Minor Boy Allegedly Raped In Gujrat Mosque During Aitekaaf

Minor Boy Allegedly Raped In Gujrat Mosque During Aitekaaf
A minor was raped at a mosque in Gujrat city of Punjab during the 10-day-long religious isolation, Aitekaaf observed in the last Ashra of Ramzan. The First Information Report has been posted by Shama Junejo, a human rights worker, on her Twitter account.

The boy is reported to be of 15 years of age.

In Gujrat alone, 41 cases of child abuse and 22 of child sexual abuse with boys and 1 with girl were reported in 2019. Additionally, 3,881 cases of rape and 1,359 cases of child sexual abuse were registered in Punjab last year.



The secrecy and shame around sexual abuse means that numbers are hard to come by, but Associated Press reported in 2017 that a tally of cases reported in newspapers over the past 10 years of sexual abuse by maulvis, or clerics and other religious officials, came to 359.

In December 2019, a Manshera-based madrassa cleric, identified as Shamsuddin, had raped a 10-year-old boy so heartlessly that the minor’s eyes started bleeding. According to the medical reports, the child was raped almost 100 times. While raping the child, the cleric assaulted the child and even tried to kill him.

According to the Sahil’s 2018 annual report, the boys aged between 6-10 years and 11-15 years are most exposed to child sexual abuse as compared to girls. The majority of these boys belong to the underprivileged strata of society and are studying in at least 30,000 registered madrassas across Pakistan. More than 2 million children are enrolled in these madrassas.

The mentioned facts are just about the registered madrassas, there are thousands of other religious seminaries that are the hub of child sexual abuse and not registered with the state and operate without any sort of scrutiny and most of the rape and sexual abuse incidents are said to happen in these seminaries.