Cultural Ambassadors of Pakistan Celebrate Holi in New York

Cultural Ambassadors of Pakistan Celebrate Holi in New York
NEW YORK: The biggest colors' party to mark the festival of Holi was celebrated on Saturday 16th March in the New York City. Pakistan’s Cultural Ambassadors of Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in the USA arranged this event to spread the message of peace, interfaith harmony and religious diversity.

This celebration gave New Yorkers and visitors a big dose of color, South Asian food and a dance party to enjoy. ‘The happiest event in New York City’ draws people in thousands and the numbers have steadily increased each year since its inception. The event, which is traditionally celebrated mostly in Pakistan, India and Nepal, includes live music performances, dancing, crowd participation and authentic desi cuisine with the highlight being the traditional color-throwing festivities.

Holi signifies the triumph of good over evil, marking the passing of the winter and usually takes place in spring season (March). it is also a festival where sharing of colors signifies love and forgiveness.

This festival encourages people to connect, embrace diversity, spread goodwill, joy, love and peace.

“Just because of this festival I have covered 2,590.8 miles and I can’t express my excitement through dance and colors; and share love, positivity with plenty of delicious food, music, dancing,” Sanjay Mathrani, an attendee from Pakistan says.

Poonam Khatri, a Pakistani-American said that for her it’s a privilege to celebrate the Holi with thousands of South Asian people in New York. “People want to decorate themselves with different colors...our society looks better on such festivals”, she says.

“Cultural customs are important for identity and global citizenship. It is also our responsibility to spread the message of love, peace and diversity by arranging and participating in such traditional events”, said Sunil Rathore a Pakistani-American who was involved in organising the event.