'Fragile Ego': Twitterati Criticise Court Decision Banning Careem From Calling Drivers 'Captains'

'Fragile Ego': Twitterati Criticise Court Decision Banning Careem From Calling Drivers 'Captains'
A court in Rawalpindi has banned ride-hailing service Careem from referring to its car drivers as 'captains' while hearing a petition filed by an airline pilot saying that sharing his job title with the drivers brought him 'humiliation and disgrace'.

Civil Judge Rawalpindi Rao Ejaz Ahmed Awan issued the orders. Careem has been directed by the court to submit its response by July 31.

The petitioner, Labeeb Ahmad who is a pilot, maintained that he finds himself at the receiving end of jokes due to his job title being similar to that of Careem drivers. He added that this demotivated him and dishonoured an aviation rank which is "attained after going through rigorous education and obtaining commercial pilot license from the Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan.”

He further stated that due to this similarity between his job title and that of Careem drivers, he felt uncomfortable while telling people what his designation is.

Meanwhile, Twitterati took strong exception to the court order, saying that the petition reflects the Captain's ego issues and the court should not have entertained it in the first place.



Some also recalled how lawyers had done the same by asking waiters not to wear black.