Meet Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s First MPhil-Qualified Transgender Person

Better known as 'Chocolate', the first transgender person of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with an MPhil degree has said that she would leave her role of a dancer as soon as she manages to secure a dignified job in the days to come.

Chocolate, who hails from Shabqadar area of Charsadda district, says she has an MPhil degree in finance and accounting. She added that it is not less than a dream for anyone in her community to reach such a point in their academics.

Chocolate said that 'dancing' is her profession despite her academic qualification and it is the only source of earning for her. "The reason for my profession is either there is no job for me and, even if I manage to find one, it is difficult to retain it due to the narrow-mindedness of the society. I feel a sense of fear whenever if I got to a hospital, police department or anywhere else," she said in an interview with Tribal News Network.

She revealed that an officer at a local government department asked her to be friends with him if she wanted the job, after she aced the interview. "I had to then [leave the job and] focus on higher education instead." She narrated how she was sacked at another job when the employer found out that she was a transgender.

Even during my education, she added, I was bullied by both the male and female students and often beaten by my teachers. "I was not encouraged by my parents and friends beyond a certain point to continue my education. I excelled on my own. I also advise other transgenders to acquire higher education because it is entirely possible."

She asserted that she would leave dancing as soon as she would find an alternative. "It is not by preference, but because there's no other alternative." She wished to be successful in the CSS exam and become an officer, saying "no one will be able to bully or harass me if I become an officer. And, I will be able to serve my community too."

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