An Educational Target For This Decade

An Educational Target For This Decade
The social connections among nations of the world is developing rapidly. We've come so close to one another that we don't need to approach one physically anymore because we have almost everyone we want to be connected with under our fingers' touch. The exchange of social thoughts through social media has become very common in today's world. National and international politics, economy, religion, hunger, poverty and racism have become the most trending social topics to be debated in our daily life. A debate demands a well balanced opinion but lots of imbalanced debates can be seen continuing anywhere around us. Most people are observed loving to quarrel for proving their social beliefs a truthful version of social thinking. A few want to harm others, but a very few of all of them want to kill one who doesn't fit their beliefs. Social media posts, especially, public posts' comment section is mostly seen full of public disputes where abuse has become a regular practice.

If we talk about the eradication of this chaotic series from its very foundations then we've to concentrate on our education system, a useful weapon to fight with social evils. It's the very first step to be taken so that we can mold ourselves accordingly. Unfortunately, we don't have the knowledge to use social media, so how can the new generation do it?

Being a teacher, I think that the general curriculum of our education system developed according to the social needs of each 30 years in the past era. For example, the study of biological science was introduced when we needed to produce medical workers in society, and henceforth we added biology as a subject in our educational curriculum. General science became the mother of physics and chemistry having been taught for decades. The developing need for computer education introduced a separate educational set up from intermediate to Master's degree students, named ICS, BSC and MSC. An advanced commercial system brought commerce study, business education like BBA and MBA. Materialistic needs portrayed the engineering education and faiths set up devotional studies separately. As the time passed, each decade made us take one more step toward a new piece of curriculum.

Similarly, we need an advanced social study into our curriculum to educate our school children how to opine and how to deal with the opinions of others. Especially on social media public posts. This piece of curriculum should be covering a vast educational sphere related to the matter. Especially some useful facts of the history of human existence and behaviour. We should teach them that it's the impact of one's individual culture that gives an individual a different way of thinking, which needs to be dealt with according to the norms of a well mannered and civilized society. We should teach that two children come into the world at the same time, one opens its eyes in a European state but the second one is born in a poor wild village of African safari. The child born in Europe, will definitely be having a good education but the other will learn only how to find water in the dry season. European child will experiment with their education in the latest experimental labs but the wild one will have an experience of how to hunt for their survival. The language, diet and clothing, everything will be seen with a huge difference, drawing a differing line between the culture of these both. If they both have to have a social debate between them, how would they communicate? Is it possible for their opinions to be similar to each other? These're the central questions to be answered by this article.

These both children can be taken as the representatives of two different cultures which often causes the conflict of opinion. The different human culture produces a different human behaviour because it's very natural and genetic to us to secure our individuality while facing others. The bottom line is based on respect, yes! Every individual must respect the opinions of others as well as their own. The facilitations provided by a social media platform are demanding as well as fascinating. These facilities ask us to be transformed into newness positively according to the norms of the latest society. Gone are the days when a person, expressing their thoughts through their book, article or a piece of news, was away from public comments. In the current era of social media, one who says something, they've to face something.

Children are the new generation and maybe they start following some of their elders who use social media just to spread hate through their comments on public posts. We'll have to teach these children how to move in a society in a positive way. How to get their own opinion respected and how to give respect to the opinion of others. They must have knowledge about the geographical, cultural, political, educational and religious differences among people, which causes a difference of thinking among them. They need to be educated according to the latest education above mentioned on how to deal with social media opinions to avoid these issues. An educational institution is the best recruitment station for the training of the new generation to get them well formed for the future. We should pull together to shift our energies toward this common educational goal.