Asma Jahangir: The Iron Lady Of Pakistan - Excerpt

Asma Jahangir: The Iron Lady Of Pakistan - Excerpt
The children and youth of today have unfortunately witnessed a society in which gun-culture, radicalisation, restrictions on fundamental human rights, and glorification of violence are common feature. Unprecedented use of brutal force, anger and weapons have become a norm to “get things done” in the society. In this aggression, we are forgetting the true spirit of saying, "the pen is mightier than the sword". We have disowned and are increasingly becoming disconnected to leaders who have used intellect, courage, principles of justice and civil resistance as their weapons to fight for human freedoms and other social causes.

Asma Jahangir: Iron Lady of Pakistan depicts the multifaceted elements of Jahangir’s life that showcase human rights, women empowerment, safeguard for minorities, struggle against child labour, defending the spirit of constitution and upholding democratic values and countless other struggles.

She gave voice to the least empowered and severely oppressed segments of society, by using her intellect, valour, and conviction to seek justice for them. Her ability to not only achieve heroic feats but also engaging, grooming and inspiring future community and legal leaders reverberates Jahangir’s all-encompassing personality.

Our hero’s life is the focus of the comic book which wants to leave a positive message among its readers. Asma Jahangir’s life serves as a testimony to the notion of the pen being mightier than the sword. Our hero left this world, but the spirit of her struggles will be carried forward by thousands of people who find hope, substance and inspiration in her story. Let us be torchbearers of the quest Jahangir began so we can negate the dark elements within our society.

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