Balochistan Chief Secretary Allegedly Awards Himself Rs3.3m Bonus

Chief Secretary Balochistan Captain (r) Fazeel Asghar has allegedly awarded himself a cash bonus of Rs 3.3 million for additional work in the preparation of the budget.

" Chief Secretary Balochistan has awarded himself a cash bonus of Rs 3.3 million for additional work that he did for preparing the fiscal budget," a journalist Adnan Aamir said in a Twitter post on Thursday. "The Chief Secretary did not do any extra work for the budget."

In April, the provincial government withdrew Asghar's appointment as the head of a parliamentary committee on coronavirus and instead assigned him the role of secretary of the body.

Earlier, former Senate chairman Mian Raza Rabbani had expressed surprise over the notification of the government according to which the chief secretary had been made the convener of the committee. He had asked the chief minister to withdraw the notification.

In March, Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal came under criticism for sharing incorrect information regarding the coronavirus. Kamal had posted a photo on Twitter that said, “drinking a lot of water and gargling with warm water & salt or vinegar eliminates coronavirus.” Conversely, World Health Organisation (WHO) and other international health organisations have been denying such information, saying such practices cannot eliminate the virus.