Man Jailed Over Second Marriage Without First Wife`s Consent

Man Jailed Over Second Marriage Without First Wife`s Consent
Lahore: A Lahore court sentenced a man for performing a second marriage without first wife`s consent. The man in question was handed the 11-month jail time and a fine of Rs5 million. The sentencing comes after the complaint of his first wife Shamim Bibi.

According to Shamim, her husband had not obtained a letter of consent from her prior to his second marriage. It is pertained to mention here that Islamabad High Court (IHC) had made it mandatory to obtain permission from reconciliation council for second marriage.

The court`s judgment was in coherence with Muslim Family Laws Ordinance- 1961.

According to the said court order, if a person enters into a second marriage by obtaining permission from his first wife but reconciliation council refuses permission to him then he will be liable to be punished on a second marriage.

The court had ruled, “A man who intends to contract another marriage during the subsistence of an existing marriage has to observe the procedure and fulfill the conditions prescribed by the legislature otherwise the consequences of imprisonment or fine or both could ensue.”


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