Shaheen MMA Is Helping Less Fortunate Kids Grow Via Sports And Education. You Can Too

Shaheen MMA Is Helping Less Fortunate Kids Grow Via Sports And Education. You Can Too
When Bashir Ahmed, also known as Pakistan’s MMA godfather, came to Pakistan in 2007 to promote mixed martial arts (MMA), he had no idea of how impactful his journey would be. Fast forward 12 years, MMA has grown all by itself to great heights. Tens of Pakistani martial artists are now competing in some of the top promotions in the world.

One such individual is Irfan Ahmed, a Shaheen Academy graduate, who is set to make his debut at ONE: Warrior Series next month on June 10.

But Irfan isn’t the only youngster who Bashir has helped recognize his talents via Shaheen MMA, which is a small gym located in Charrar Pind, a slum area right in the middle of one of the Lahore’s wealthiest neighborhoods, Defense Housing Authority (DHA).

Irfan Ahmed is set to debut at ONE: Warrior Series on July 10.

Shaheen’s mission is to provide youth with a roadmap for personal growth through sports and education. The facility was created with the vision to raise ‘Good citizens of Pakistan’ by instilling mental and physical training through the use of martial arts so that its members can apply those principals for success in all avenues in life.

Kids training at the Shaheen MMA facility with Team Captain Irfan Ahmed.

Alongside martial arts training, members who show potential have their education sponsored, as well as opportunities to compete nationally and internationally. Abu Bakr – son of the gym caretaker – is one such example. The 16-year-old was only 10 when walked into a training session at Bashir’s Synergy facility.

Team Shaheen.

Through proper coaching, guidance, and his own will to learn, Abu Bakr has won championship titles in Pakistan. He has also been enrolled in an English medium school and has traveled to Singapore on an international trip with the intention to broaden his horizons.

Two kids scramble during a Jiu-Jitsu and grappling competition at the facility.

Every year during Ramadan, Bashir Ahmad raises funds to keep Shaheen running for the following year. Martial artists in Pakistan, and around the world, in particular, Muslims, are urged to contribute any amount they can to help the Shaheen kids better their futures and become better versions of themselves.