Only 9% Teachers In Sindh Can Teach Maths And Science: Education Minister Shares Shocking Facts

Only 9% Teachers In Sindh Can Teach Maths And Science: Education Minister Shares Shocking Facts
Sindh Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah on Tuesday made shocking revelations regarding the state of education in the province. He said that only 9% out of 150,000 teachers in Sindh understand Mathematics and Science and could teach the subjects.

Speaking at the second consultative workshop organized by the Sindh Education and Literacy Department, the Sindh education minister said that there was a lot of room for improvement in the sector, reported Express Tribune. He revealed that out of a total 42,000 government schools in Sindh, as many as 39,000 provide only primary education.

Moreover, 10,000 of the public schools consist of only a single room, while as many as 17,700 have a single teachers for the students, which obviously is an insufficient number. 3,127 schools in the province are non-functional.

He also revealed that only 9 percent of the teachers were capable of teaching Mathematics and Science, two of the major subjects in Pakistan’s education curriculum.

Sardar Ali Shah said that there was a major room for improvement and that is why the workshop was being held. He said the government could not alone counter the education crisis and that is why the members of the opposition, academics, journalists and people from different walks of life were invited to the event.

The education minister said that instead of concealing the flaws in the education system, the provincial government admits the errors ‘with all our heart’ and is willing to execute a complete overhaul.

The event was attended by Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi, MPAs Shahrayar Mahar, Nida Khuhro, Tanzeela Qambrani, Qasim Soomro as well as a number of educationists, scholars, journalists and members of civil society.

The problem is not only prevalent in Sindh. The situation is worse in Balochistan, especially for girls. Naya Daur contributor Asim Ahmed Khan shares the problems faced by the education sector in the province and the way forward.

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