Deforestation is a very pressing matter in Pakistan

Deforestation is a very pressing matter in Pakistan
This forest that had almost been removed from the face of the earth has singlehandedly been restored by a lawyer who grew up loving the beauty of this forest. You won't come across a more inspiring video all day.

-    Deforestation is a very pressing matter in Pakistan,

-   with thousands of trees being cut every day unregulated

-   Khathar forest was leased to farmers some years ago

-   They chopped down all trees and used the land for farming

-   Meet Mir Shah Muhammad, who is a lawyer

-   and grew up enjoying the beauty of this forest

-   In 2015, he decided to restore the forest

-   and bought as much old forest land as he could afford to

-   When he got the land, it was riddled with salt patches

-   Today he has planted over 50,000 trees of native species

-   and counting

-   He doesn't use chemicals

-   Some of the native wild animals have also returned

-   to the region, thanks to his mini forest

-   He denotes over 50 hours a week to his self-funded forest

-   and believes together we can be the change our planet needs

-   People can come delve in the experience here too,

-   since it is open for public

-   Such public spaces are also the need of this century

-   so that future generations may experience nature closely


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